Hosting Solutions

We at WebSurfer also provide webhosting service which allows organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. We provide space on a server which can be owned or leased by our client. Our hardware and software configuration are as follows.

Hardware Configuration:

  • Server: Dell PowerEdge 1855
  • CPU: Two Dual Core Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.20GHz
  • Physical Memory: 8 GB
  • Redundant 4 power supplies for power failover system
  • Hard drive: 2 SCSCI drive with hardware raid controller.
  • Network cards: Gigabit network module for higher data transfer rate

Software and OS configuration:

  • OS: Centos
  • Hosting Control Panel for web administration
  • Managed Firewall for Security
  • Hosting Control Panel Features:
  • Email Accounts
  • FTP Accounts

Server Colocation
Server colocation is an attractive option for individuals and small businesses who want all the benefits of having a popular website with tons of hits, but don't necessarily want to pay for the bandwidth that such popularity requires. You still pay a fee, but it isn't for bandwidth — it's a rental charge.
A company will store all of its sensitive data — web pages and downloadable, for example — onto a server, and then physically haul the server to a different location. This location is the home operation center of the server colocation provider. Once you have your server there, the server colocation provider will take over and install your server in their rack.

Virtual Private Network
Intranet based Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the technical best and the most cost effective VPN deployment than internet based public VPN and traditional networks built though leased lines.
 Popularity of such type of network and VPN is growing day by day. Specifically all the banks and finance companies are now using such services for their ABBS and other common applications
WebSurfer is offers Intranet/VPN services with Metro Ethernet LAN technology via Fiber Optics Cable or Wireless Radio Modems (or both) service mediums
Security could be wide concern for everyone when we talk about network and Intranet or VPN. IP Sec (Internet Protocol Security Protocol) is widely used and proven method to guarantee to protect the data being read, intercept or otherwise interfered
IP Sec has two modes of encryption: (a) Tunnel - encrypts the header and the payload. (b) Transport - encrypts only the payload.
AAA Servers (authentication, authorization and accounting servers) are used to increase security in a remote-access environment and will carry out the following checks:
Who the user is.
What the user is permitted to do.
What the user is actually doing.