Field Technician

Preferred Education Qualification :

  • Minimum SLC passed

Job Description :
  • Perform installation, technical support and service work to provide Internet Service to the client
  • Perform installation, maintenance, relocation and termination of wireless system at POD
  • Work with client to determine a proper location for the equipment
  • Install internet device at the client location
  • Run cable from outdoor equipment to the designated interior location
  • Configure computer/ router for Internet Access
  • Follow instructions from the Network & Support engineers for device configurations & troubleshooting
  • Test operation, explain and demonstrate service to customer
  • Perform minor repairs of equipment as needed
  • Retrieve equipments from customer location as needed
  • Provide technical knowledge, expertise and training to other installers as required
  • Properly maintain company tools and equipment
  • Follow all company safety procedures

Job Specification :
  • Must be flexible with the work schedule
  • Must have a pleasant personality and be customer friendly
  • Training in Hardware & Networking is absolutely mandatory for freshers


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