Nowadays Internet has become a necessity of every household and each family member in their daily life. Internet is a virtual library for students which enables them to complete their assignments on time. Similarly it brings families together who are living thousands of miles apart. Father and mother can see and talk to their sons, daughters and relatives who are scattered across the globe. In addition to that, we all know that the Internet provides access to incredible source of knowledge. It is also an effective tool of social networking and entertainment to people of all age groups. Whereas, it has always been a big challenge for service providers to provide affordable broadband service to the Nepalese consumer market despite of huge demand. 
How it works?
Here, upon subscription of the Wireless DSL by a customer, WebSurfer will put a small Wireless Radio Modem device in the rooftop of the customer's house pointing to the nearest wireless PoP (Point of Presence) of WebSurfer in the city. The microwave link will be established between the two wireless devices (client side and WebSurfer side) and internet traffic will travel along the link which will go along the Ethernet cable extended from CPE to the customer's computer or router in the room.
Wireless DSL is affordable to all.
Wireless DSL is fast broadband service.
Quality is ensured with Wireless DSL.
Wireless DSL is reliable.
Wireless DSL is better than Wi-Fi or 3G: Very less people are lucky by location whose room is in comfortable distance from Wi-Fi towers. But maximum number of user suffers from the poor connectivity, as the Wi-Fi signal strength is not good enough to established link between the computer and the Wi-Fi tower. This problem is completely not applicable to Wireless DSL as the High capacity CPE in the room top establishes the link not the computer of the user. Similarly, the costs incur with Wireless DSL for data transmission is extremely low than that with 3G service. Therefore Wireless DSL is much better than any Wi-Fi services or 3G services.


Service Plans 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year Order
512 Kbps Rs 900 Rs 2619 Rs 5130 Rs 9720 Order Now
768 Kbps Rs 1100 Rs 3201 Rs 6270 Rs 11880 Order Now
1Mbps Rs 1500 Rs 4365 Rs 8550 Rs 16200 Order Now
Service Plans 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year Order
1 Mbps Rs 2000 Rs 6000 Rs 11400 Rs 21600 Order Now
2 Mbps Rs 3000 Rs 9000 Rs 17100 Rs 32400 Order Now
Terms and Conditions:
  • Installation charge Rs. 3000/-
  • Wireless equipment will be provided by Websurfer till the contract period.
  • Quarterly payment in advance is mandatory
  • Security Deposit Rs. 1000/- (refundable), Apply for inside valley only
  • Above quotes cost are exclusive of 13% VAT