Electrical Overseer

Preferred Eucation Qualification :

  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Good knowledge of UPS, inverter, solar power and other electrical measuring devices
  • Must have good written and verbal communication skills

Job Description :
  • Calculate total power requirement of all the electronic devices
  • Calculate output requirement from power supply equipment eg. UPS, Inverter, Generator etc. and arrange for such equipments
  • Calculate the backup time required during load shedding, check the capacity of the power supply devices to bear the load
  • Regularly check the devices and ensure smooth supply of power at all times
  • Use various measuring devices such as multimeter, ampere meter, gravity meter etc. to measure current, voltage etc.
  • Carry out periodic inspection and maintenance of electronic devices. Calculate power supply required for all electronic devices, troubleshoot, test and remove discrepancies on all power supply devices and monitor safety of the electrical system
  • Test the devices and remove discrepancies on all power supplies
  • Be available even at odd hours to respond to emergencies and upon power failure
  • Perform and supervise repair and maintenance work of various Points of Distribution and other power supply equipments. Perform even minor task such as soldering etc. in case of need
  • Direct and supervise earthing and Solar Power Installation & Maintenance, generator maintenance etc.
  • Upon supervisor’s instruction, coordinate for all the set up, maintenance and inspection work of the power supplies and electrical setting of the organization
  • Take preventive actions to avoid any malfunction of power supply equipments
  • Carry out above duties inside Kathmandu Valley and other parts of Nepal wherever needed

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